COVID-19 Gym Safety

Upon arrival at our facility you will notice our guidelines amidst COVID-19.

Cleaning Stations

Each cleaning station throughout the gym will be stocked with disinfectant spray and disposable paper towels. Hand sanitizer will also be replenished regularly.

Cardio Distancing

Some of the cardio and strength machines are not available for use to give our members a little extra breathing room. You will notice the machines are not on or taped off for members.

Social Fitnessing

We ask that you keep a safe distance by putting an imaginary treadmill, or two, between you and others. We ask that you are respectful of others and give everyone 6 feet of distance. 

Clean Between

Wipe down equipment before and after each use. There are cleaning stations located throughout the gym with disinfectant spray and paper towels for all members.