Our Mission

Here at North Fitness Center, we are dedicated to bringing our community a safe environment to become a stronger version of themselves. Our mission is to make healthy living accessible to all in Hocking County and the surrounding areas. We have your bes 

Our team

Our Story

Our story begins in 1998, when Shaun North became a personal trainer. He was extremely passionate about accelerating people's health and found it very rewarding providing a service that transformed lives right in front of his eyes. He knew this was his destined path. 

Then, one day in 2005, Shaun drove by the only local gym and noticed it was closing. He saw the opportunity to fulfill his life's dream and provide to the tight-knit community of Logan, Ohio.

Before he knew it, the North fitness center was born in 2006! This was a monumental moment for not only Shaun but for the community that surrounded him. Providing a safe space for multi-generational community members to work on their fitness is a necessity. 


- To continue to grow awareness of health and fitness in Hocking County.

- To continue expanding offerings tailored to the community.

- To bring the community together through activity and fitness.